What are the top Canadian universities?  McGill?  UofT? UBC? UofA? Queen's? Western? Waterloo? UofC? McMaster? Saskatchewan? The right answer would be that "It depends." It is, thus, safest to ask the opinions of as many people as possible rather than relying merely on one person's or website's view of what simply the top Canadian university is.  It is for this reason that we have a Canadian University Forum integrated on this web site!


We also have the Univforum Rankings of Canadian Universities, which is based on how many times the name of a Canadian university is mentioned on Univforum forums, which, in turn, shows how popular a university is. also provides information on Canadian scholarships, and a list of Canadian universities and colleges.




If you are wondering the admissions requirements or scholarship opportunities of, say, McGill University, University of Toronto, Queens University, UBC, University of Western Ontario, McMaster, Alberta, or York or any other Canadian university or college, or if you want to learn the best Canadian universities for a certain program, and not from admissions people but directly from real students,  UnivForum's Canadian Universities Forum is the right place for you.

You can ask, on our forums, anything related to Canadian universities, ranging from "top Canadian universities," "Canadian university life," "Canadian university/college admissions," "top Canadian university in medicine, business, law, MBA, engineering, arts, sciences, education, etc." Some of the example topics posted recently on Univforum's Canadian University Forum include: "top 10 Canadian universities," "top ten Canadian universities in terms of social scene," and so on. 







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